Small Group Communion Service October 25

The Elders have decided that in keeping with Scripture and our Standards, we could properly serve communion to small groups meeting in the fellowship hall. We have scheduled October 25 as the date we will open the fellowship hall for a brief communion service. There are currently three times, 12pm, 1pm, and 2pm, in which families may sign up to come and join in a brief communion service. Only eight (8) families may come during one of those scheduled times. If all of the time slots fill up, we will gladly extend as many hours on that Sunday as are necessary to accommodate every family. In order for this to work there will be some requirements that must be followed and are listed in the letter below.

As God’s shepherds, we’re excited that we can offer this brief communion service and do so as safely as is possible. We hope that those of you who would like to join in will do so in keeping with the safety requirements so that we can express genuine love toward one another. 

Register for a time slot below.